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Jewelry display select what material is good?

  Jewelry own value and grade of the reasons why jewelry display shelf products are also higher for material selection requirements for a class. Relatively common product display stand, jewelery display type is not only a simple product placement, display, pay more attention to the value of the product itself display contrast.
  Such display commonly used in the production of materials generally have the following:
  The first is the acrylic sheet. Acrylic display stand in recent years with the rise of exhibition industry and the increasingly widespread application of good display props. Which itself is a synthetic material with excellent transparency and processability, it is currently the most common display production materials, has been widely used in cosmetics, jewelry, alcohol and tobacco, and other digital products in the field of Products . Using acrylic sheet production of display can bring out the good clever crystal jewelry, luxury quality, with good visual effect.
  The second is made of wood, leather. Wood, leather is a special production of jewelery display frequently used material, especially in display some special meaning or particularly valuable jewelry.
  The third is steel. Steel is a more traditional jewelry display materials produced. Including specular stainless steel, including brushed stainless steel, it is more common materials used. But because too much tradition and craftsmanship, and now many businesses have begun to gradually give up entirely of steel display stand, but only jewelry acrylic display framework for production. Jewelry display jewelry as a carrier, if the design is very capable of properly, either set a successful jewelry business a good brand image, and to be successful in promoting the ordinary life of the people concerned and to the memory of the jewelry brand. At the same time be able to get is a very fine jewelry showcase jewelry can still improve the product sales.
  So a good jewelry showcase design not only need to do imaginative design, also you need to select the appropriate high-quality raw materials to be able to showcase the essence of the design perfectly reflected most vividly.

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